wild + crazy dreams of success

Julie Umnus local marketing advisorWhat was your last wild + crazy dream of professional success? Some people dream of simply being wealthy with no backstory on how they attained their success. For others, dreams of success can be frightening. They might consider their dreams unattainable or beyond their social status. In many cases, the end result is the same: no action, and no movement towards realizing that dream.

Yet these dreams might actually help us set our direction and our priorities. They can give us something exciting to strive for: dreams can motivate. The flip side is that if we don’t dream, we can become indecisive, strive for nothing, and become disengaged.

Today I achieved one of my dreams by launching my own website. In my dreams, the website brings me new clients, new partners, and opens the door to realizing many more dreams of success.

What’s Next? Consider your own dreams of success. Is there one thing that you are more passionate about than anything else? Really think about what’s stopping you from achieving it? Answer these questions, and you’ll know what you need to put on your to-do list.

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