8 remarkable qualities

The 8 qualities of remarkable employeesIn “the 8 qualities of remarkable employees“, @Jeff_Haden from Inc. goes beyond the typical ‘good to great’ employee traits, to identify ‘remarkable’ qualities that have a major impact on performance. It’s an interesting list. He identifies behaviors like ‘ignoring job descriptions’, ‘speaking when others won’t’ and ‘always fiddling’ as ways remarkable employees make things better, simply just because they can’t help it. These are traits that make people, and one could argue, the companies that encourage these qualities, remarkable.

Yet, leadership at many large companies still tends to discourage this type of remarkable behavior and continues to reward mediocrity and conformity. How many of you have walked away from that environment – either by your choice or someone else’s – because you were stifled by the restrictions of a job description, were shushed when creatively thinking out loud in a meeting at your ‘real job’, in order to start your own business? How many of you still spend what little free time you have tinkering with something simply because you want to build a better mouse trap?

As a small business owner with one or more of these traits, you’re not confined to being merely good or great. So ask yourself, am I cultivating these traits in myself and others? Let yourself be remarkable in the pursuit of your small business success.

Next Steps: Consider these 8 qualities from an entrepreneurial perspective. Discuss them with your staff individually and as a group – encouraging an open and honest discussion – and let the room come up with ways to promote remarkable behaviors towards personal and company success.

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