5 real benefits of working with a marketing consultant

How to effectively market your business in 2016

market my business in 2015Does your 2016 budget include at least one line item for marketing? Great. You’re not alone. According to a 2014 Gartner survey, “Marketing expense budget is 10.2% of revenue in 2014 — half of the companies plan an increase in 2015.”

So congratulations on recognizing the need. But what’s next? If you’re not sure where to begin and don’t have time to figure it out on your own, your first step should be to bring in a business marketing consultant who can point you in the right direction. Doing so at the outset will help you get the most out of your marketing dollars, saving you time, resources and money.

This 4-part series features actionable advice on how to effectively market your business in 2016 with the support of a business marketing consultant. Let’s begin by identifying:

5 REAL Benefits of Working with a Marketing Consultant

You’ve worked hard to build your business, to cultivate a reputation and build a client base that trusts you. You know you should be doing more to expand your visibility in the marketplace, but you’re laser-focused on serving your clients, and your staff is already overloaded with day-to-day tasks. Even if you do have the budget, you’re not sure where to begin marketing your business.

Let’s start with some very REAL benefits of working with an experienced business marketing consultant.

  1. Beginning with an objective third-party assessment of where you are NOW helps to quickly clarify where you want to go and how to get there.
    market my business in 2015
  2. An informed business marketing strategy provides a compass for everything else you do, determining which mediums will be most effective connecting with your audience.
    NOTE: Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 B2B research revealed one key theme, “If you want to be more effective at content marketing, document your strategy.”
  3. Just as the strategy is your compass, the marketing plan is a road map; for tackling your strategy in a logical order, with one step building the foundation for the next with maximum impact and value.
    NOTE: The preliminary assessment, strategy and planning keep overall cost down by focusing your marketing efforts on the tactics and channels that will have the most impact.
  4. Through documentation and training, you and your staff will operate as brand ambassadors long after a consulting engagement has ended.
  5. A well-rounded marketing consultant can provide ongoing advice and support for your unique strategy and plan, filling gaps in your internal team as needed, ensuring maximum impact and value.

Let’s get REAL: How much does a Business Marketing Consultant cost?

The most expensive course you can take is to continue down a path that isn’t maximizing your returns for the time, talent, and resources you are expending. I’m not being glib when I tell people your Business Marketing Consultant is not a cost; she’s an investment. What you pay for an investment isn’t as relative as what you get in return. Ask yourself what it is costing you now for the business you are not getting?

Next time, we’ll have answers to the question,

WHY Should I Hire a Business Marketing Consultant?”

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