WHY should I hire a business marketing consultant?

3 questions answered

You know you should be doing more to expand your visibility in the marketplace, but you’re laser-focused on serving your clients and your staff is overloaded with the day-to-day of running your business. We’ve explored 5 REAL Benefits of Working with a Business Marketing Consultant, and you’ve come to realize that there is a cost associated with not investing wisely in an objective marketing assessment, strategy, and plan of action that will keep your business front of mind with your target audience.

But you have some questions. So do many people in your position. Here answers to three of the questions I hear most often:

3 Questions Answered: Why should I hire a business marketing consultant

  1. Why do I need a Business Marketing Consultant? You probably don’t. You’re successful already. Sooner or later, you will be an even bigger success. Maybe later. With a Business Marketing Consultant you can get there sooner, with greater certainty, control and sustainability.
  2. Can’t I just do some marketing on my own? Of course. You know your business like no one else. You know your clients, your target audience. You know their fears; their pain points and you know how to help them. You can have someone on staff create a LinkedIn Company page, send a few emails, update your website, maybe Tweet now and again. But what is your unified message? Are your efforts sufficient to reach your audience where they are in a meaningful way? Do you know the cost of making marketing mistakes?
  3. What will I get for my time and money? You’ll have a trusted advisor to guide you through the initial assessment, strategy, planning and beyond. You will have an objective third-party tell you where you might be making mistakes that could be costly to your reputation, yet relatively easy to fix. You’ll understand where your marketing energies are best spent and why. And, you’ll receive clear guidelines to keep you and your staff operating as brand ambassadors indefinitely. Without this critical piece, momentum can wane almost immediately, minimizing the value of the entire project.

You still have questions don’t you? That’s great. Being actively engaged in the conversation before a project even begins is important. Before you decide to hire a Business Marketing Consultant, make sure you are committed to spending the requisite time to thoughtfully engage on the project. Yes, your consultant is the expert at marketing, but no one knows your business like you do.

If your next question is, “What’s my first step,” here’s a preview of what you’ll learn next time in

The Zen of Hiring a Business Marketing Consultant.

What’s my first step? Not spending time on strategy and planning – or providing thoughtful feedback when asked – often results in eleventh hour questions, doubts, anxiety and changes that ultimately cost you more. I hate to break it to you. Consultants aren’t miracle workers or mind readers. Your commitment to active engagement on the project is critical to its success.

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