The zen of hiring a business marketing consultant

10 questions to ask a business marketing consultant

You’re laser-focused on serving your clients and your staff is overloaded with the day-to-day of running your business. You’ve worked hard to build the business success you enjoy today and you understand the cost of the business you’re not getting because you have yet to commit to a go-to-market plan of action. You’re ready to put your non-action-plan in the past.

You’ve considered the 5 REAL Benefits of Working with a Business Marketing Consultant, and studied the 3 Questions Answered: WHY Should I Hire a Business Marketing Consultant from your own business perspective. You’re confident and you’re ready.

What’s my first step? When you’re ready to hire a Business Marketing Consultant, re-commit to the success of your business by recognizing the importance of being thoughtfully engaged on the project. Yes, your consultant is the expert at marketing, but no one knows your business like you do. Spending time on strategy and planning – and providing thoughtful feedback when asked – prevents eleventh hour questions, doubts, anxiety and changes that ultimately cost you more. I hate to break it to you. Consultants aren’t miracle workers or mind readers. Your commitment to active engagement on the project is critical to its success.

10 questions to ask a potential business marketing consultantWho is the BEST Business Marketing Consultant for my business? A truly effective Business Marketing Consultant has a diverse background in business, strategy and implementation of many types of marketing initiatives. Experience in your specific industry isn’t as critical as the diversity of their experiences. It allows them to assess your current state from an objective perspective, and to help you define your need before building a strategic course of action to meet your goals.

Ask for recommendations from your peers and friends; search online, LinkedIn and other social networks; talk to references and meet a few face-to-face if you can. If you find one who is as passionate about their business as you are about yours, you’re on the right track. Use this list of 10 questions to ask a potential business marketing consultant to guide your conversation.

Who IS NOT the BEST Business Marketing Consultant? Just because someone can build a website in WordPress doesn’t mean they have the requisite business acumen to craft and integrate a reputable brand message into a dynamic website, along with an engaging social media presence, and targeted communications plan, all singularly focused on driving your business success. Go ahead and bring a web developer friend of the family on board. Bringing the next generation of professionals to the table adds depth of skill and diversity of perspective. Just make sure your friend is professional and understands their role.

That’s it. You’re business is on it’s way to becoming an even bigger success. Not sooner or later, right now; with greater certainty, control and sustainability. Way to go! But you’re still going to want proof that your marketing efforts are worth it, aren’t you? We’ll talk about that next in the fourth and final part in this series, “How do I demonstrate 2016 marketing ROI?

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