marketing process

Our marketing process gives each client the same attention that experienced craftspeople approach each masterpiece they create.

Your role in the marketing process

I’ll be honest, the first step is all about you being ready to re-commit to the success of your business. When you’re thoughtfully engaged in building a strategy, your stakeholders and staff will be too. Yes, we’re the experts at marketing, but no one knows your organization like you do. Spending time on strategy and planning prevents eleventh-hour questions, doubts, anxiety, and changes that ultimately cost you more. I hate to break it to you. We’re talented, but we’re not mind-readers. Your commitment to actively participate in the marketing process is critical to your success.

Our role in the marketing process

Our clients benefit from years we spent honing our marketing process for efficiency and effect. Our role is to reach an understanding of where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. We assess your current environment to understand your capabilities, your goals, your target market, your messages, and what success looks like.

Now that we understand all this, we create the plan to accomplish the goal. Your uniquely-crafted plan tells you who you’re going to reach out to, how, and with what messages.

Next, we bring in a custom team of people precisely matched to what you need for less than staffing your own internal marketing department. Or, if you already have a team in place, we can be there to get you started with process documentation and training if needed.

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